Gold Paw Series Astoria Overcoat for Dogs

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For this review, we are going to have to fast forward about three to four months to when snow is off the ground and the grass is starting to turn green in Minnesota.  We experience quite a few spring showers then.  Oh, I can’t wait!  This review features the Gold Paw Series Astoria Overcoat.

Gold Paw Series is a family run dog wear company that has been around for over 20 years.  Many of their materials and all the sewing for their products is done right here, in the U.S.A.  :-)  Gold Paw Series also tries to cut their environmental impact by recycling materials in their textiles or using biodegradable packaging for their products.  


The Astoria Overcoat is named after the city of Astoria, Oregon, which sees quite a few rainy days.  This coat is to help provide warmth from wind and protection against a driving rain.  The body is made of a waterproof fabric called Suppletecâ„¢.  The exterior is very soft and the interior is made of a recycled polyester mesh.  The mesh layer has a nice feel to it too.  

There is 27% recycled content in the Astoria Overcoat.  The mesh lining provides cool wear in warm weather and yet can also be layered over fleece in very cold weather, which Gold Paw Series carries too.  Between these two layers is the Suppletecâ„¢ for lasting waterproof protection. 


Peggy’s Astora Overcoat is a lively red with orange lining.  I haven’t had to wash it yet, but the colors are supposed to hold up well with washing.  The overcoat may be machine washed on cold with the velcro fastened.  It is probably best to hang dry, but the instructions do say that it is okay to tumble dry on low.


The collar is over-sized (folded over in images) to protect your dog from the elements and is accented with reflective trim.  There is a D-ring to attach a leash on the overcoat.  An opening for leashes is built into the larger sizes.

IMG_4912 IMG_4914 IMG_4915

Velcro closures are built in at the top and base of the chest.IMG_4917

Peggy doesn’t mind wearing her eye-catching Astoria Overcoat.  It moves easily with her and is not stiff like I expected for a product shielding pets from the rain.  It is fairly thin so I do need to consider a fleece coat to line it with and use during the frigid days we can experience like recently in Minnesota.

The Gold Paw Series Astoria Overcoat starts at $45.00.  Peggy is sort of husky for a pug, but the Astoria Overcoat had the right fit with just measuring the length from base of neck to base of tail and measuring around the rib cage for her girth.  There is a 30 day return/exchange policy on Gold Paw Series products.

To learn more about pet coats (fleece coats are nice for kitties too, like Sphynx) offered by Gold Paw Series, please visit

Gold Paw Series on Facebook

Disclosure:  I received a Gold Paw Series Astoria Overcoat in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received for this post.  The thoughts and feelings expressed are my own.